Systems Relocation

Inspect, Remove, Store, Install

Are you thinking about relocating a piece of equipment? We will help with each and every step of the process. Before removal, we will do a thorough inspection and performance evaluation, then remove, store, and finally re-install the equipment in its new home.

Full Coverage

Don’t worry, that’s covered

Duke Medical Equipment International offers full coverage protection for your MRI or CT. If you want to know exactly what the cost of maintaining your equipment is each year, then full coverage service is for you.

Planned Maintenance

Keep it up

At predetermined times our service technicians perform the manufacturers recommended maintenance on your machine. DMEI's trained staff will alert you if we see any potential issues or give you the all clear if your machine is performing as the manufacturer intended.

Time & Materials

We will help

Our staff services your equipment on an as-needed basis. You pay our standard labor rate plus the cost of any parts required to fix your scanner.